Baby Blessings

Our little one is a miracle in our lives. And your Baby Blessing was a perfect celebration of that. The altar you made was gorgeous and we loved that you included our family and friends in the ceremony. Shari has now been officially blessed by all of the people most important to us. You are a real delight!
— Fran and Joe, NJ

Thanks, Mama Donna. William’s Blessing was fantastic. We are especially thrilled that you wove elements of African rituals into the ceremony. You blessed us all with your loving spirit.
— Janelle and David, NY

We loved the Blessing Ceremony you conducted for Annika's first birthday! It was so much more than just birthday cake and a candle. You created a way for everyone in the room to participate and to leave Annika with something that she can hold onto for the rest of her life — a true commemoration of that very special day. Thank you!
— Darren and Peter, NY 



Mama Donna is the real deal -- wise, empathetic, and deeply engaged with her work and her students. She was warm and welcoming and gave our class so much of her calm, grounded energy. We all left beaming. Even if you're not interested in learning how to build your intuitive powers, I'd recommend this class as a mind-expanding, heart-opening experience. 

—Emily, NY

I have to say Momma Donna is pretty awesome. She very insightful and honest about her approach. She walks the group thru the history, fundamentals and techniques that go into the tarot. She has great energy, she lives and loves the tarot and its pretty cool spending time with her and picking her brain. 

—Marciela, NY

I would highly recommend this session for anyone interested in learning about tarot. Mama Donna does a fantastic job explaining a potentially complicated subject in a very easy to follow format. She is warm, funny and incredibly knowledgeable on all forms of spiritual practice. The small group sizes allows for everyone to ask questions and participate. Even if you are just looking for an interesting way to spend an afternoon, you will come away from this session with a comprehensive 101 overview. If you are looking to go deeper, you have a solid foundation on which to continue learning. 

—Angelyn, NY

Coming of Age

I am glad that you did the Red Ritual with me. It made me really feel like I was a young woman and not a kid any more. My friends liked it, too. They said I was lucky to get this special day. And I know I am lucky. I hope I grow up to be like you.
— Danesha, NY

Thank you for the cool ceremony that you did for my 13th birthday. I never heard of such a thing before. Some of my friends had Bar Mitzvahs, but I liked this better. You made me feel very proud.
— Davey, MA

Mama Donna you are so special to have been able to engage my kids in such a profound and meaningful Rite of Passage. I wish I had had such a ritual during my difficult adolescence. I thank you most sincerely for the privilege.
— Leslie, NJ

House Blessings

Thanks for clearing out the negative energy. I feel great and at peace.
Mike, Staten Island, New York

I think about your blessing and the experience of participating in the ritual together every time I walk through the door. Wei and I had lived in the house over a year before we held the blessing, and in many ways that experience made the prior 400 days or so feel like the prelude to our real occupation of the space, to our creation of a new home, and to the beginning of our married life there. Walking through the house with you, literally blessing each corner, each area, each component of the home, felt like it created a cocoon that was ours, and which could not be disturbed. I literally felt warmer and so safe when we were done! You gave us items for a little altar, and that area, too (our kitchen table, the heart, for me, in some ways, of the house), is a place I look to everyday to remember all of that positive energy we created together. Your voice, your recognition of the place, your asking us to participate, all of it was a meaningful, solidifying experience. I am so grateful for the blessing. Now our house is more than just a structure — it is a safe, warm, protected place. Thank you so very much. 

Deborah, Pine Bush, NY 

I had a friend once tell me that when you dream of water it is your soul returning to god. Last night I dreamt I was swimming in a long and deep river and it was very sunny and the water was so pure that I told my mother, mum this water is so pure I can drink it and I did. It is the first of hopefully many peaceful dreams I have had here since you did your blessing! Thank you again
Raphael, New York, NY

Thank you so much for coming to clear and bless our new home yesterday. We can definitely feel like the air is "lighter" and the light is "brighter". We put the rose of Jericho in our bedroom and the blue water in the basement by the window. Andrea took her little helper role very seriously. She needs that kind of encouragement, so thank you for reinforcing it. Warmest,
Anne-Laure and Ed, Brooklyn, NY

Mama Donna came to do a house blessing for us during a difficult time for our family, as I was being treated for stage-III breast cancer. Our children were thrilled with the rituals and blessings and enjoyed the gifts and charms that Donna presented to them. For me, it was a deeper experience. Donna’s kindness and positive energy cheered me up, her blessings made me feel stronger and more connected to my home and place in the world. One of the things she brought us was a plant that looks lifeless, but opens with greenery and beauty when it is watered. This plant remains a powerful symbol for our whole family. For the kids, it’s the best kind of magic. For me, it’s a reminder that we can came back to life, that there is always hope. Thank you for all the blessings you have brought to us.
Rebecca, Rutherford, NJ

Mama Donna or Mama D, as I endearingly call her, brought her warmth, beautiful presence, kindness and ritual to the opening of my business in Brooklyn. With the ease of a seasoned Urban Shaman, she lead the group of eight women who I had invited to help with the blessing in a ceremony designed to bring me into my new role as a business owner. With her thoughtful and spirited blessings, guiding words of wisdom, and open heart she created a beautiful feel to my space. It was perfect and started things off in a wonderfully supportive way. The ritual of protecting and honoring my business, as well as bringing new and healing energy to the space, has lasted. The positive environment that she created has resulted in wonderful feedback by clients and media alike! The comment that I continue to receive is on the "good energy" of the space. Thank you Mama D, for blessing my vision of a new business and bringing it to life!
Liz Tortolani, Owner, CityWell Spa, Brooklyn, NY

Some people would say that this is all superstition or the placebo effect, but I feel a difference, a new lightness, in the rooms of our home. Bobby, our cat, is already mellower, and mellow is not a word one would usually choose to describe him. All in all, it's as if a janitorial crew just came in and did a deep cleaning, but instead of cleaning walls and windows, the stale energy and negative emotions were just scrubbed away.
Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life, NYC

Thank you for the sweetest blessing ever! Now I am home.
Joyce, Brooklyn, NY

Dave and I both loved the ritual and felt better about the apartment immediately. Thank you SO much for setting us on the right path in our new home! All best,
Wendy and Dave Hubbert, NYC

The purification that you did on my apartment was amazing. Thank you so much. I am very relieved. When I moved in, something seemed “wrong.” And now it feels so right and safe and comforting. I am very grateful.
Sheila, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you from my heart for facilitating the wonderful condo blessing. I felt so at ease and supported in your presence and that of all the incredible women I invited. I really, really needed this. I'd forgotten.
Fran, Hartford, CT

I can't think of a more appropriate ritual for honoring our desire to say goodbye to the old messy places in our minds and prepare them for fresh new life. The upstairs of my home has been undergoing an extensive remodeling for several weeks now, and I have definitely been affected by it. The moment it is complete, I intend to follow your advice, which couldn't have come at a better time!
Jeanie, Greenwich, CT

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Thanks for the very good reading yesterday. I felt like even though I don't know what is coming, that I know how to proceed… one foot in front of the other, taking time to reflect and settling the stage for the NEW. Also, taking good care of myself, keeping my noisy gerbil brain quiet, meditating, playing the accordion, taking my Chinese herbs, walking, reading, sorting through papers and discerning what to take with me into the next cycle. I really value your skill, your kindness, humor (of course) and your blessings. ONWARD! 

— Annie, MA

Thank you again for the AMAZING reading. You just have an incredible ability to cut through the noise and see the message and explain it in a way that makes complete sense and doesn't scare the bejesus out of me. I'm really grateful to you. 

— Grace, NY

I can't describe how I feel right now after that amazing reading. Of course you know your stuff and interpret the cards in such an integrative and pertinent and applicable way (and I know you'll say "You picked them," but my hand has nothing to do with your insight and wisdom... That is all you and your rare amazing gift.)    

—  John, NJ

I was thinking about it all the way home, and how you sorta stepped back at the end to view it as a kind of painting... And it is: There are all the individual brush strokes, but it makes up a collective whole, and an entire picture, not unlike a portrait of a person. You're a great artist, really. It was interesting how things corresponded, and like-themes (diamonds, the earth, feminine energy...), and how they interrelated.  And the things you said were so spot on! I couldn't believe it, and it took my breath away. I was very moved throughout the whole thing and had to hold myself back from tearing up, actually! So thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! 

— Michael, NY

With a desire to begin the new year with wisdom and insight, I arranged a Tarot reading with Mama Donna. Although it was a phone reading, I felt a strong connection to Mama Donna as she described the images of the cards and the interpretations they presented. I was astonished by the story that unfolded and by the insight and information that emerged. Most remarkable was how incredibly aligned the information was with the intentions I held for this year and that I had written out days before. With this reading, Mama Donna has gifted me an exquisite roadmap for manifesting those intentions and greeting the new year with enthusiasm and joy! With gratitude, 

— Karen., ME

Again, thank you so much for the reading. It was right on target and you certainly helped me in more ways than you will ever know! If your ears were burning last night, it was because a friend called and I said - "I've found my angel" and recommended that she contact you for a reading. She was impressed since I never recommend anyone or anything.
— Tania, NY

I have had many readings in my day, but this reading was exceptionally validating and insightful. The way Mama Donna interpreted the story laid out by the cards was intriguing and empowering. I highly recommend it.
— Vicki, PA

Private Ritual

My ritual with Mama Donna still resonates within me, knowing that I must remember to step aside and let my light within shine through. I have been making a practice to look into my eyes in the mirror, and I am pretty pleased what I see there. Thank you for providing this practice for me. In light and love,
— John, CA

Thank you for being such warm, loving guide for our group’s special ritual. You created a circle that was safe, sacred and supportive. I know each of us left with a sense of wellbeing, joy and inspiration
— Janie, CT

Wow! That was some ritual you created for me. I have never felt that type of connection ever. It affected me to the core and then some. I’m still in an altered state, and all my declared intentions are manifesting at an accelerated rate. Thank you for doing what you do.
— Maura, NY

Reiki Balancing

I just wanted to thank you so much for the reiki session. I went from being in a very dark and heavy place yesterday, to feeling light and hope again. I am ready for the purging that needs to take place and mustering up the courage to end what hasn't been working. I thank you for your generosity, kindness and wonderful energy.
— Kathy, NY
Thank you for the calm! I haven’t felt this centered in a very long time.
— Janice, CT

Aaahh! Your energy is so relaxing. I have been stressed to the max and now I know where to go to relief. Thanks so much.
— Paul, NJ

Speaking Engagements

Donna Henes is a regular and cherished speaker at the Omega Institute. The response to her presentations is always a rapt audience. She is articulate, insightful, and totally engaging. 

— Lois Guarino, Director, People and Culture, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

Our audience felt as if they were chatting with a cherished — and savvy — girlfriend. Mama Donna transforms lives with the insights, the wisdom, and the vision of her work. We received many compliments about Mama Donna in the days after she spoke.

— Diane Saarinen, Event Coordinator, The Beltane Papers TeleFestival

Mama Donna’s presentation was a wonderful gift and blessing. She offers a wealth of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment for each person to reach her greatest potential.

— Vicki Fox, President of Vicki Fox Productions and founder of Women of Intention

Mama Donna is truly a wise woman who weaves her many life experiences, spirituality and intuition into a tapestry of hope. She is gentle, honest and provides a safe space for women to connect to all the wonders of each stage and age of their lives. Thank you for adding such a spark of energy to our recent WomenSpirit Conference. The world is truly a better place because of Mama Donna. She is definitely the 'Queen of Herself' and you can be, too.

— Renae M. Rebechini, Co-Chair Unitarian Universalist Central Midwest District Women and Religion Committee

Spiritual Counseling

When I met you I was very surprised to find that I am incapable of pretending anything with you and its very nice now that I’ve gotten over the great surprise! It is wonderful to just have a safe place and to be able to just be myself and feel so much comfort, grace and healing. I think I spend a lot of time convincing people that I’m fine and they're fine and everything's fine and there is a long ignored place inside that really has needed to hear my true feelings and I feel and hear that on every possible level when I work with you. THANK YOU.
— Susan, NY

Thank you for the inspiration that things are not so bad with me. You are very skilled in what you do. I hope to follow your suggestion that I turn my anger into strength for progress and energy for self-development. I really needed these revelations and truths. I look forward to moving forward. I am thanking God for you and all you do.
— Adelina, NY

Much love and many blessings. You have truly been a great teacher to me. I was thinking of that yesterday in a meditation. You taught me so much about courage, about being present in the world, and about enjoying spirit.
— Dianne, NM

Weddings, Commitments & Renewal of Vows

The best of the best. PERIOD. Mama Donna saved our wedding, even though on short notice she was able pull out a miracle for us. Thank you so much for the blessings Mama Donna . Thanks for bringing joy to us and making the very special moment of our union to happen. very, very appreciated. Biggest THANK YOU EVER! God bless you. Highly recommended!
— Branko and Vilana, Brooklyn, NY 

Immediately we felt comfortable with Mama Donna, She asked all the important questions about what we wanted and what were our expectations, Every expectation was met we had a beautiful, awesome day. She was perfect and it
was a perfect day!! We highly recommend Donna Henes!
— Dorien and Terri, Detroit, MI 

Thank you so much once again! Your contribution to making our wedding special was incomparable and highly appreciated by everybody!
— Egidio and Nikos, Mikonos, Greece

We love what you created for our wedding! And so did our guests. Although we were both very reluctant to have any type of traditional ceremony, you helped us customize something very personal and unique to celebrate our marriage with our friends and family. You guided us through incorporating just enough elements from our different backgrounds while still helping us to create something new for ourselves. The ceremony was so lovely - we can't thank you enough!
— Darren and Peter, New York, NY


The experience at your workshop touched a deep part in my mind, body, and spirit. The seeds planted are still germinating, however I am beginning to see some shoots popping up. I admire your strength of purpose, your honesty, and loving, sharing nature. You have been my role model. Actually, all the women I met in the class have been part of the whole experience of role modeling. It is seldom that I get the opportunity to sit in circle with woman my age who are going through the same transitions. I left your workshop feeling empowered. I still feel that way. 

—Marly, Philadelphia, PA

Last week I spent five days with Mama Donna at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Each day we sat in ritual circle, blessing, anointing, honoring and nurturing the Goddess Queen in ourselves and in each other. We shared our intentions, our journeys, our need for release and renewal, our aspirations, our beauty, our majesty. On the fifth day in a coronation ceremony, chanting and drumming in Goddess celebration, we crowned ourselves Queens with crowns of our own creation.

—Matilde, Mohegan Lake, NY

When I joined Mama Donna at a retreat I went in as a woman and came out as an Empowered Queen who had reclaimed her voice and spirit. Through Mama's skills and knowledge of rituals and symbolic talismans, as well as her wisdom and compassion, listening with an open ear, she allowed us to be heard and transformed. Under Mama's guidance and direction, you find reverence with yourself and Mother Earth. The women in the group and their stories become part of your life and spirit — true Sisters. I no longer feel like a Midlife woman, I feel like a Queen empowered with reverence and knowledge with an enhanced voice and spirit on a path of new beginnings and miracles. Bless you Mama. 

—Colleen, Slatehill, NY

Thanks for a wonderful workshop last Sunday! I left there feeling really uplifted and inspired! I also realized how much I miss spending time with groups of women. You are truly a queen, a shaman, and a goddess.

—Vicki, Brooklyn, NY

Being with you at your workshop has been a transformative experience for me. I feel as though you gave a piece/peace to myself that I have needed for a while in order for my life puzzle to fall into place. I have a renewed sense of spirit, optimism, direction, and energy toward envisioning my future. My experience of myself in my marriage is more centered and my career plans for the future are more specific. 

—Barb, Poughkeepsie, NY

I have been so profoundly affected by your Queen workshop. I feel whole and vital and real and loved and valued and I have deep, abiding courage and conviction and belief-in-self. Thank you, Donna, and great, great blessings on your most amazing, validating and profound work of love.

—Sue, Brooklyn, NY