Ceremonies for Businesses & Organizations

Each business has its own unique story, brand personality, and culture. But every ethical business shares the basic objectives of providing excellent products, services, and customer satisfaction, while at the same time maintaining smooth-running, peaceful, productive, and profitable operations. 

Businesses can benefit greatly by creating a work environment that is conducive to achieving these goals — where employees work because they are inspired, where they work well because they are not stressed, and they produce excellent results. I can work with you to design rituals and workshops that further your mission.

For businesses, organizations, and institutions, I can perform rituals for: 

  • office blessing 
  • space clearing, energy cleansing, trouble clearance 
  • community building, stress reduction 
  • opening and closing ceremonies for conferences 
  • ground breaking 
  • inauguration of new policies or products
  • and other important company milestones.

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Fees vary depending upon the complexity of the ritual, supplies required, location, and number of attendees.

Please contact me by email or call 718-857-1343 to discuss your ceremonial needs.

Thank you so much for the Drumming Circle and Ritual that you coordinated. It was received joyfully by all who attended. The clients have been singing your praises ever since and want to know when you are returning. Seems that you established a good rapport with the women, even reaching some who are hard to engage in group activities. Again, thank you.

— Frances Fox, Park Slope Women’s Shelter. Brooklyn, NY


Office Blessings and Cleansings

To establish and maintain a working atmosphere that is pleasant and productive, the energy in the environment needs to flow without obstacles. If the energy feels negative or blocked, it will impact on the emotions and sense of well-being of anyone who enters the space. 

Cleansing ceremonies are extremely effective for dispelling unwanted energy and purifying the environment. This can be done when you first move into a new place, expand or renovate your facilities, or at any time that you feel the need to clear your space. Blessing ceremonies are perfect for establishing an inviting, peaceful, creative, and safe atmosphere in the workplace.

Ground Breakings & Dedications

These occasions are traditionally celebrated with some sort of pomp and ceremony, but usually lacking in substance. I will work with you to create a ritual that has a deeper significance, 

Team Building Rituals

When people are connected to each other through ritual, they share a common bond that exceeds the simple coincidence of being on the same staff. Rituals that reflect the mission of your business can engage the passion of your employees and enhance their cooperation.

Appreciation ceremonies that celebrate the efforts of staff and employees, gratitude rituals that honor customer loyalty, and ceremonies that share the good graces of your company with the community at large, all serve to cement excellent working relationships.


Milestone Celebrations

Every step taken toward building a business involves vision, creativity, and dedication. From framing your business plan, to designing a logo, to launching a website, to hanging a shingle, to making your first $1, your first $1000, your first million dollars, to being granted a new patent, to celebrating your first year, your first decade and each decade thereafter.

A ceremony can imbue each milestone with special significance that includes pride, gratitude, and connection to the greater mission of your business. It is the opportunity to celebrate your organization and all those who helped to make your accomplishments possible.

Opening & Closing Ceremonies for Conferences

Successful conferences begin with a focused intention and end with a climax of positive feelings. A keynote speech does not always accomplish this goal. A spiritual ceremony can charge the atmosphere and direct the energy of the entire event. An effective ending ceremony sends participants out into the world with renewed enthusiasm and determination to further the work of the conference.

I am experienced in designing nondenominational rituals that are not religious yet inspire an enhanced sense of higher purpose. Every ceremony is created to express your intention for the event and to respond to the interests and needs of your particular audience.

Stress Reduction Workshops

It is a proven fact that workers who are rested and relaxed produce better results. 

So workshops to teach stress reduction skills are essential for a smooth running workplace. I offer interactive seminars that share stress-busting and coping techniques such as breathing, hand reflexology, focusing, and attitude adjustment skills. It is crucial that we beat stress before it beats us!


Mama Donna's wise words and presence reminded us of who we are and where we've been – in a way no book ever could.

—Dondeena Bradley, Director
PepsiCo Nutrition Ventures

Donna Henes is a regular and cherished speaker at the Omega Institute. The response to her presentations and rituals is always a rapt audience. She is articulate, insightful, and totally engaging.

—Lois Guarino, Director, People and Culture, Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, New York

Mama Donna Henes is the embodiment of earth mother and brings comfort to people from all different walks of life.  She has been a speaker at the NYC Chapter of the Women's Wellness Society on two occasions and we've enjoyed some of our best attendance for the events she's headlined. Her practical, grounded approach to spiritual issues makes them accessible to all types of people, whether they have been exposed to her brand of work or not. For example, there is one woman from a professional medical practice who asks eagerly each month whether Mama Donna will be speaking. Mama Donna has a wise, dry wit, an insouciant twinkle in her eye and an easy way with her audience that they resonate with and enjoy. I will continue to invite her to events and recommend her with the highest regard.

—Jennifer Jackson, President
Women’s Wellness Society, New York Chapter



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